Containers PET, OPS, PP, PS

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Containers PET, OPS, PP, PS



MTM Solutions has got its own thermoforming production of plastic packaging for food industry. We own wide range of tools with different shapes of volume from 250cc up to 2000cc, but we can also adapt to customer demanded design. Containers can be made from diferent type of materials according to customer demands such as: PET, PP, OPS, PS, and PVC.

PET containers have temperature resistance form -40C up to + 60C what makes them applicable for packaging wide range of products such as frozen fruit or fresh food. Transparency, strenght as well as great barrier properties for extending shelf life of food, make this material most favourable choice.

OPS containers possess crystal purity, shiny surface, high transparency and strenght. Because of these characteristics OPS makes best visual effect and therefore is mostly used for packaging cakes. OPS has temperature resistance from -40C up tp +80C.

PP trays have high temperature resistance up to +110C what makes them ideal choice for packaging hot cooked meals.

PS containers have highest application in confectionery industry for packaging cookies, biscuits, sweets etc.

PVC is mostly used in pharmaceutical industry for packaging pills.

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