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Sirela through history


“Sirela & Co” was founded in 1987...

as a small family company. Main business on the early beginning was production of cheese rennet. Our product named “Sirela” very soon became a well know brand on the market of former Yugoslavia. Private persons in that time were only allowed to found craft shops, but by a new law in 1989 foundation of private enterprises was allowed, so Sirela was registered as limited liability company l.t.d.


Year 1991 MTM Export-Import...

was founded as representative office in Prague, Czechoslovakia.
Business of a company started to spread on other industries like processing and sales of paper confection supplies. Also business of paper confection has expanded to the production and printing of self-adhesive labels (flexo-printing).
During the time of hard wars in our region, because of the problems in supplying raw materials for production, Sirela became direct and main importer of all important raw materials for the means of production and one of the leading producers of cheese rennet in Yugoslavia.


During 2000s…

Meanwhile, our offer has expanded to production of plastic containers for food packaging (termoforming). This has rounded the offer of supplies for retail stores and production and processing companies in food industry.


Year of 2010

Merging of two companies ‘’Sirela’’ and ‘’Biolab’’ new company ‘’Sirela & Co’’ was formed.


Today MTM Solutions works in its own factory...

wherewhere the production is organized in three parts: production of cheese rennet and fruit syrup, processing and confection of paper flexoprinting, and production of termoforming containers.
Today the company has a wider range of products for dairy industry such as: rennet, starter cultures, antibiotic tests, milk analysers and additives.
Investments in new equipment and machines for flexoprinting with UV colours for printing in full colour, MTM is expanding sector for manufacturing and printing of selfadhesive labels. Also investments in Thermoforming machines and new tools increased capacities for manufacturing and widen the range of products.
MTM Solutions supplies its products on domestic market as well as on foreign markets such as: Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, ect.

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